We offer a proactive and professional approach to our clients, with an emphasis on service and putting the customer first. We do it quickly and we do it well so you can worry about doing your job, not ours! We do all kinds of products from small in quantity to large in size and offer a number of additional services you wouldn’t think we do, such as digital signage, graphic installation, online procurement and management…

We never say no, we like the challenge! C3 Midlands can design, fabricate, print, pack, collate, distribute, deliver, audit, install, track, store, manage whatever you throw at us!

We have the ability to be dynamic and prioritize production
Continuous research on new materials to ensure we offer the best products and costs.
We alert clients of any potential issues or improvements instead of just delivering what was ordered.
Project management until any issue is resolved instead of the “dump and run”!
We print Moire effect graphics, talk to us.
Continuous investment and upgrading to the latest hardware and print techniques.
We don’t see problems, we like challenges!
Centrally located in Birmingham, for quick delivery of last minute requirements.
In-line UV varnish on Large Format.
We print directly onto almost any flat surface.
On-going training in the latest design for print and printing techniques.
Highly skilled and continually trained staff, providing print advice and consultation.
We’re large enough to cope and small enough to care.
Able to work with short lead times and tight deadlines.
We provide cost saving consultation and specialist print advice.
A supplier network to help us develop and deliver any project.